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Half-baked manifesto - Dance with me queers! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
For the love of music that dare not speak its name

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Half-baked manifesto [feb. 21-a, 2005|06:42 am]
For the love of music that dare not speak its name


[Nuna muziko |The Animal Collective - "Kids on Holiday"]

I know there are queers out there living in D.C. who cringe when they hear the music that's played in Cobalt. I know there are creative queers making their own music, painting, sculpting, acting or hell, just going to concerts at the Black Cat or the 9:30 club. This is my search for all of you, it's cool having straight friends and all but where is my tribe? Where are those intelligent and informed fags and dykes creating and analyzing? If you question the status quo or if you have a plan for an alternative, let's hear it.

I'm a recent transplant from Berkeley, California and San Francisco, I used to live in a co-op full of creative and interesting people. I'm thirsting for people who march to different drums (and hate cliches like that one) and most of all with a sense of humor. Dance with me queers...
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[User Picture]From: dc_gay_man
2005-03-01 01:01 am (UTC)

There is Civilization in DC

Here are the places you might want to give it a go: Velvet Lounge, Taint, and Wonderland. If you shoot me your e-mail to my yahoo account of the same name, I will get you on the right listservs and you can find the seen.

I also recommend Blowoff with Bob Mould and Rich Morel on Saturday nights in the basement bar. They play to a different beat and generate a great crowd.
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[User Picture]From: kingsalamanderx
2005-03-01 01:45 am (UTC)

Re: There is Civilization in DC

Thanks for the heads-up man. I'm gonna start to get myself out there. I'm hoping to make to make it to "Blowoff" this Saturday. And please feel free to post, I hope maybe we can all meet up for happy hour at some point in the future... if we can get this thing to be little active... I'm working on advertising it a bit more...
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[User Picture]From: dc_gay_man
2005-03-01 01:56 am (UTC)

Re: There is Civilization in DC

It's a fusion of punk and deep house. Hot ladies are at the bar and there is a splash of whatever happened upstairs in the crowd. Friendly men galore. There use to be this cadre from Baltimore that came down alot and offered it a 'blue collar/rebellious.' Welcomed them with open arms with offerings of drink and merry.
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